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Martie van NiekerkPretoria Wedding Photographers roam the planet in search of that perfect moment in time. Some of these artist use their cameras to share with us hidden natural delights. There is  magic in that moment that can awaken our spirits to also love that split millisecond of space, time, and beauty.

Freelance photographers take us underwater, across the sea, out in the middle of nowhere to bring us breathtaking landscapes and spectacular wildlife. We also wanted to explore…

My name is Martie van Niekerk and I am a Qualified Professional Wedding Photographer & Wedding Planner together with my husband Gideon van Niekerk (also Qualified) in South Africa…

How We Became Professional Photographers

We never thought that we would become Professional Photographers as we always only enjoyed the art of photography, and saw that we had a hidden like in it. After falling in love taking photos with our very first camera, we were hooked. One day Gideon tested his mothers new D-SLR camera and could not put it down. We saved up and bought our very own Digital-SLR camera equipment.

At first, we mostly took photos of each other, flowers and landscapes – pretty typical for a new D-SLR owner. Our family complemented our photos, then started asking us to take photos of them. From there, more and more friends and family started asking us to take photos for them. It was at this point that we decided to start a business.

We did not know where to start, but that did not stop us. I got many tips from a friend on Facebook that was a current professional wedding photographer. She truly inspired us in this journey. I’m thankful for the friendship she offered and for how awesome she has been when we asked for advice or critique.

Gideon van NiekerkFrom Selling Paintings to Selling Photos

Growing up, my husband was always trying to make money. His first money-making venture took place when he was about 10 years old. He painted oil paintings as a hobby and showcased them at a school bazaar. His father made him some wooden stands to display the paintings and they were not even framed. It did not surprise me that he would enjoy running a profitable business, but it still did. It made me feel as if I can accomplish what I set my mind to. I love photography, but I get even more excited when I think about improving sales, and how to turn our business into what I would like it to become. I’m one of those lucky artists who actually really loves the business side of things. It’s great!

“True Photos Photography” was Born

I was surprised at how many people are getting married after we officially started our business. We didn’t have all the knowledge at that time as we were pretty new to the photography business stuff ourselves, but we found a lot of satisfaction in capturing “True Moments” whenever we could. There’s very little we enjoy more than capturing weddings, and being able to combine that with our love of photography and business.

At some point we came across a website that introduced us to online marketing. This caused a light bulb to come on. We wanted to start a website for photography business. After about a year of brainstorming, dreaming, and planning, TruePhotos.co.za was created.


Warm Regards

Martie and Gideon van Niekerk

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Do you do weddings? If you do can you please send me a quote? I am getting married on the 5th of November 2016 @ L’Aquila in Pretoria.

    Thank you

    • Hello Chantell

      Our main focus is Wedding Photography. We are available on the 5th November 2016.
      We have 4 different types of packages available. Please view the packages on our Home Page
      In time being, I will send you a Quote for our Bronze Package

      Best Regards
      Gideon van Niekerk

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