Pretoria Wedding Photographers at Bayete Estate

Pretoria Wedding Photographers took on a Wedding at Bayete Estate and Spa

As professional wedding photographers we took on the challenge to photograph the wedding of Shonisani & Nokuthula at Bayete Estate and Spa in Erasmia around Pretoria area. First I would like to mention the Venue itself and then talk about the wedding.

Professional Wedding Photographers at Bayete Estate and Spa Erasmia

At first when we went to locate the wedding venue, we could not find it due to some issues. Fist we noticed that there is no clear signs of the estate and the entrance (road) leading to the estate was right next to a scrap dealing business. Due to this reason alone, we missed the entrance. After turning around and actually locating the the road leading to the estate, I noticed that the brick wall displayed small letters “Bayete”. I would get professionals to install a proper sign that would attract more customers in my professional opinion.

When driving on the gravel road toward the estate entrance, a security guard meets you to sign in and opens the gate in a professional manner. So they do have security which is a plus point. They have good amount of visitors parking that can accommodate for at least 150 people. On the wedding venue we found a good looking chapel a large reception area and accommodation to suite the needs of a couple wanting to get married, dressed and all in one on the venue.

Bayete Estate and Spa Erasmia has a beautiful garden throughout the venue that creates many photo opportunities for any Pretoria Wedding Photographer. Do yourself a favor, go and visit the venue and see if this would suite your budget and whether they meet all your required needs.

Featured Images of Shonisani & Nokuthula’s Wedding

Please note that all images are Low Resolution

Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues Can Affect Your Wedding Photos

What most people don’t know is that a wedding venue can have a lot to do with the kind of atmosphere the wedding achieves and hence there is always the importance of choosing the best venue. The rest of the wedding turn out will be based on the venue considering that it can easily dictate the wedding day in terms of availability and bookings. Apart from determining the wedding date, it can have an effect on your wedding photos which will hold your memories for a long time keeping the day fresh for years to come.

Wedding Venues Style

This is one thing that you must clearly visualize when choosing wedding venues. Your style will make it easier to consider certain venues and completely do away with others. Consider the wedding color scheme and relate it to the venue. Then, picture how good the blend will be. Everything around the venue should work in coordination to match your wedding style and color scheme. Poor settings will not fetch you much with the photos compared to a venue that matches your style and where everything is working hand in hand to bring out the best. You will love the photos taken from a venue that matches your individual or preferred wedding style.

The Flexibility

This is flexibility in terms of how many things you can have going in the same wedding venue. The more you can do within one venue the easier and better it will be for your wedding and the guests as well. A venue that can function as the ceremony area and still be large enough to set up the reception area should be a great choice. The one-venue weddings turn to be more lively and interesting and you can be sure all the photos will be of happy faces. Such a setting also gives your wedding photographers an easy time keeping up with every single happening throughout the event. This is compared to the fatigue that can attack your guests and even you when there is too much movement from one place to another to complete the wedding phases easily leading to tired looks on wedding photographs.

Outdoor Amenities

They are also of importance when looking at the best wedding venue. The most important are shelters in case of weather changes, restrooms, electricity and water. A lack of these important amenities can leave your guests very uncomfortable and it won’t do much in fetching you the amazing wedding photography that you are hoping for. A lack can also be stressful on you leading to wedding blues that you should keep away from especially on the wedding photos. Choose a venue that has everything that is necessary and have any form of backup in case something does not work out as expected. Happy guests add up to a happy you thus happy, beautiful wedding photos.

The Surroundings

Weddings in beautiful natural surroundings make some of the most romantic settings for a wedding and an even amazing setting for amazing wedding photography. You can have a distant beautiful mountain as your backdrop to add glamour to your wedding photos. If you can get beautiful landscapes for your venue surroundings, the more relaxed and calm you will feel during the event and the more beautiful and dynamic your wedding photos will be. Such surroundings give your wedding photographer an easy time and also brings his creative self out to capture every moment in the most gorgeous ways. The surroundings can also determine how noisy or quiet the event is going to be so take your time in choosing the best.

Wedding photographers in Pretoria can get very creative when struck with an all-round wedding venue with all features bound to make the photos amazing. With the different wedding photography packages available, you will find one that matches your wedding budget.