Pretoria Wedding Photographers at Bayete Estate

Pretoria Wedding Photographers took on a Wedding at Bayete Estate and Spa

As professional wedding photographers we took on the challenge to photograph the wedding of Shonisani & Nokuthula at Bayete Estate and Spa in Erasmia around Pretoria area. First I would like to mention the Venue itself and then talk about the wedding.

Professional Wedding Photographers at Bayete Estate and Spa Erasmia

At first when we went to locate the wedding venue, we could not find it due to some issues. Fist we noticed that there is no clear signs of the estate and the entrance (road) leading to the estate was right next to a scrap dealing business. Due to this reason alone, we missed the entrance. After turning around and actually locating the the road leading to the estate, I noticed that the brick wall displayed small letters “Bayete”. I would get professionals to install a proper sign that would attract more customers in my professional opinion.

When driving on the gravel road toward the estate entrance, a security guard meets you to sign in and opens the gate in a professional manner. So they do have security which is a plus point. They have good amount of visitors parking that can accommodate for at least 150 people. On the wedding venue we found a good looking chapel a large reception area and accommodation to suite the needs of a couple wanting to get married, dressed and all in one on the venue.

Bayete Estate and Spa Erasmia has a beautiful garden throughout the venue that creates many photo opportunities for any Pretoria Wedding Photographer. Do yourself a favor, go and visit the venue and see if this would suite your budget and whether they meet all your required needs.

Featured Images of Shonisani & Nokuthula’s Wedding

Please note that all images are Low Resolution

Digital Camera Memory And Memory Cards

Digital Camera Memory And Memory Cards

Every digital camera uses some kind of memory that provides storing space for the images you take. We will be discussing what type of memory cards there are and how many is required as a professional photographer. The memory within a digital camera is a chip called flash memory. It contains all the information that completes a photo. Each digital camera has card slots that are used to contain cards for storage.

When you remove a memory card from a digital camera, it does not mean that you are losing all your photos. They are safely stored on the card to download on your computer. When buying a digital camera, you would probably get a card in the box to start with. It is essential that you buy more cards for extra storage space when you do professional photography. Always check your camera manual before you buy more cards to ensure that you get the right kind.

There are different kinds of memory cards that also have different storing space measured in megabytes and gigabytes. 1 gigabyte is equivalent to 1024 megabytes. So, when comparing the space on a card, note that a 1 gigabyte card has more space than a 512 megabyte card. The bigger the gigabyte indicated on the card the more space you will have to store your images on. The more gigabytes a card has, the more you will pay for one card, but you would save money if buying multiple lower gigabyte cards.

Compact Flash (CF) CardsCompact Flash (CF) Cards

The most popular cards are the compact flash as it has been around since the digital camera. It comes in capacities of up to 256 gigabytes and is available in higher performance versions with improved writing speeds when shooting high-definition videos.
These are often denoted as having a 300x or 1000x write speeds.



Secure Digital (SD) and Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC)Secure Digital (SD) and Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC)

The secure digital card now comes out in secure digital high-capacity that is designed to offer an increase in storage for high-resolution digital cameras. Most digital cameras can shoot high-definition videos and would require bigger storage capacities and performance.
You can get capacities of up to 128 gigabytes.

As a professional photographer, you should not only get the highest capacity cards available. My reason for saying so is that all your photos are stored on one card. If something goes wrong, you will not lose all your images. I recommend that you buy several smaller memory cards to store your images on and get a handy card carry case to safely carry your cards in your carry bag.

I recommend that you buy several smaller memory cards to store your images on and get a handy memory card carry case to safely carry your cards in your carry bag. I have prepared the following list that I would recommend buying if I was starting out as a professional photographer. (And for full disclosure, since I’m all about doing things right, almost all the links in this article pays me a commission if you use them, so please use my links and thanks for helping support this site by using them to make your purchases!)

SanDisk 16 GB Extreme Pro CompactFlash CardSanDisk 16 GB Extreme Pro CompactFlash Card

It features technologies that were previously only available in the professional line of CompactFlash memory cards. It is managed by the Power Core Controller, which raises the bar for speed and performance of the product line. The advanced Error Correction Code engine improves the overall data integrity and reliability of the card during read and write. Experience RAW + JPEG continuous burst mode shooting and capture fast-action Full HD video like never before. For capturing Full HD video or that professional shot with your D-SLR or HD camcorder. Check your camera manual before you buy more memory cards to ensure that you get the right kind.

Total cost: $36

SanDisk 16 GB Extreme CompactFlash CardSanDisk 16 GB Extreme CompactFlash Card

Get exactly the shots you want with a professional-grade card. With up to 60 MB/s read/write speeds, you’ll see it takes more than a great digital SLR camera to bring your ideas to life. And with 16GB of space, you’ll have room to capture it all in RAW+JPEG, and save the editing for later. SanDisk engineered its Power CoreTM Controller to take whatever your camera’s buffer can dish out. By distributing image data across the card more rapidly and efficiently, this card delivers professional performance. Check your camera manual before you buy more memory cards to ensure that you get the right kind.

Total cost: $69

SanDisk 32 GB Extreme CompactFlash CardSanDisk 32 GB Extreme CompactFlash Card

The SanDisk 32GB Extreme CompactFlash Memory Card were designed for professionals who shoot the highest quality RAW photos and high-definition videos, and need the large storage capacities that these files demand. The SanDisk Extreme CompactFlash card comes in capacities up to 32GB so you won’t need to worry about running out of space.
Check your camera manual before you buy more memory cards to ensure that you get the right kind.

Total cost: $150

Storage and Memory Card CareECO-FUSED® Memory Card Carrying Case

This compact and convenient case provides the perfect storage solution for your precious memory cards. It contains 8 pages which can hold up to 22 memory cards and has a secure zipper closure. This case is perfect for professional and amateur photographers alike and will keep your cards together, safe, and protected.

Total cost: $7

Starting To Use Your Digital Camera

Starting To Use Your Digital Camera

A digital camera can be used in the same way as an old traditional film camera, but can also do much more than you think. I have prepared a list of the basic operations on a camera to get you started. D-SLR cameras have many functions and settings that can be adjusted to take awesome images for any type of scene. You only need to learn how to adjust your camera settings to take photos like a professional. Achieve this and you can start your professional photography business. Become a Pro by learning the basics first and then continue to more advanced settings.

Inserting The BatteriesInserting The Batteries

The first thing you need to do before using your camera is to insert the camera batteries. More than 60% of cameras have special designed battery packs that can be charged with a charger. Charging the batteries can take a few hours. But you need to ensure that they are fully charged before you use them. Some cameras use multiple power sources, such as AA batteries and a battery pack. Once you have charged the camera batteries, insert them into your camera and use the on/off switch to start using it.

Inserting Memory CardsInserting Memory Cards

There is only one way that you can insert a memory card into your camera. You find special memory card slots on your camera for them. Make sure that you read your manual on how to insert your memory card and make use of the sample images that can be located on the camera. Once you have inserted your memory card into your digital camera, you would be ready to shoot different scenes for your photography business.

Shooting ControlsShooting Controls

The “mode” dials and shutter button is the actual controls that allow you to take a photo. The former button would be the most important function on your camera as it will first focus the picture and then fire the shutter taking the image. The latter is used to set different shooting options and to play between different pictures that you took. It also sets different modes to shoot with.

Using Scene ModesUsing Scene Modes

When you select a scene mode, your camera will be set automatically for specific shooting situations that are indicated by small icons or pictures on the mode dial. Depending on your camera the icons can be displayed in the on-screen menus or both. You can expect to find modes such as, landscape, portrait, sports, still and night settings. Some digital cameras have many more than that. When you selected a mode option that you would like to use, your camera will do almost all the work for you on that type of scene.

Using MenusUsing Menus

When using menus that appear on your camera screen might be confusing at first, but you will find a step-by-step manual that will help you set your camera up. It can be different types of settings such as setting the date or choosing your camera resolution type or adjusting the brightness of the camera screen. Work through your manual slowly to set up your camera the way you want it to function on a personal level.

Built-In FlashBuilt-In Flash

The built-in flash will allow you to add extra light to a scene that is too dark to take a photo of. To use the flash, it can be automatically/manually set for a particular shot. In addition you can use the flash to fill shadows and it will help to prevent unwanted silhouettes if a background is dark.

Video and Audio Functions

Most cameras have an option to capture a video with audio included. They do vary from low-resolution movies for the use on the Internet while many other cameras can shoot in high-definition. Using the video mode, will allow you to shoot clips from a few minutes or until you have used up all the memory on your memory card. Capturing audio can be used to add comments to your photos.

Connecting To A Personal Computer Or TelevisionConnecting To A Personal Computer Or Television

When buying a digital camera, you will also receive connection cables required to connect to a television or personal computer. When you connect to a television, you will be able to view your images and videos taken on the screen directly. When you connect to a personal computer, you will be able to download your images and videos from you camera and burn a CD or edit them as you need to.


Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues Can Affect Your Wedding Photos

What most people don’t know is that a wedding venue can have a lot to do with the kind of atmosphere the wedding achieves and hence there is always the importance of choosing the best venue. The rest of the wedding turn out will be based on the venue considering that it can easily dictate the wedding day in terms of availability and bookings. Apart from determining the wedding date, it can have an effect on your wedding photos which will hold your memories for a long time keeping the day fresh for years to come.

Wedding Venues Style

This is one thing that you must clearly visualize when choosing wedding venues. Your style will make it easier to consider certain venues and completely do away with others. Consider the wedding color scheme and relate it to the venue. Then, picture how good the blend will be. Everything around the venue should work in coordination to match your wedding style and color scheme. Poor settings will not fetch you much with the photos compared to a venue that matches your style and where everything is working hand in hand to bring out the best. You will love the photos taken from a venue that matches your individual or preferred wedding style.

The Flexibility

This is flexibility in terms of how many things you can have going in the same wedding venue. The more you can do within one venue the easier and better it will be for your wedding and the guests as well. A venue that can function as the ceremony area and still be large enough to set up the reception area should be a great choice. The one-venue weddings turn to be more lively and interesting and you can be sure all the photos will be of happy faces. Such a setting also gives your wedding photographers an easy time keeping up with every single happening throughout the event. This is compared to the fatigue that can attack your guests and even you when there is too much movement from one place to another to complete the wedding phases easily leading to tired looks on wedding photographs.

Outdoor Amenities

They are also of importance when looking at the best wedding venue. The most important are shelters in case of weather changes, restrooms, electricity and water. A lack of these important amenities can leave your guests very uncomfortable and it won’t do much in fetching you the amazing wedding photography that you are hoping for. A lack can also be stressful on you leading to wedding blues that you should keep away from especially on the wedding photos. Choose a venue that has everything that is necessary and have any form of backup in case something does not work out as expected. Happy guests add up to a happy you thus happy, beautiful wedding photos.

The Surroundings

Weddings in beautiful natural surroundings make some of the most romantic settings for a wedding and an even amazing setting for amazing wedding photography. You can have a distant beautiful mountain as your backdrop to add glamour to your wedding photos. If you can get beautiful landscapes for your venue surroundings, the more relaxed and calm you will feel during the event and the more beautiful and dynamic your wedding photos will be. Such surroundings give your wedding photographer an easy time and also brings his creative self out to capture every moment in the most gorgeous ways. The surroundings can also determine how noisy or quiet the event is going to be so take your time in choosing the best.

Wedding photographers in Pretoria can get very creative when struck with an all-round wedding venue with all features bound to make the photos amazing. With the different wedding photography packages available, you will find one that matches your wedding budget.

Wedding Photos

Ensure Your Wedding Photos Turn Out Great

It takes a long time to prepare a good wedding even though it only happens in a day and ends in a matter of a few hours. The best you can therefore do is to ensure that your wedding photos are captured in every precious moment, so that years down the line you can still relive your wedding day like it happened only yesterday. Wedding photos last a lifetime and keep the memories fresh and free from fading hence the importance of ensuring that each holds value for you.

Getting Ready For Your Wedding Photos

Brides go through mixed emotions on the day of their wedding. Some would rather enjoy a quiet morning getting ready all alone while others would rather get ready with a few friends around or in a room with a bunch of people valuable to them. Your individuality will determine the kind of getting ready that gets you the environment and energy that you need to handle the big day. You can however still ensure that your wedding photographer captures a few of your photos when getting ready.

Hair And Makeup For Your Wedding Photos

This can take a number of minutes, especially on the wedding day because you wish to look your best. Always plan with your stylist or artist on the timing and the length it will require for you to be ready in terms of the hair and makeup. It will ensure that you start early and you have enough time to get it right, after all it’s your big day and you should look your best. Immediately after the session, let your photographer take shots when you are still fresh in your wedding makeup.

The Ceremony

It is important to remember that some churches have restrictions when it comes to photography. It makes it important to confirm early before the wedding that your photographer will be allowed into the church and to take wedding photos during the church ceremony. It will save you from unrealistic expectations that can be frustrating on your big day. In case you plan on having an outdoor ceremony, then the best time to hold it should be a few hours before sunset. This is because the sunlight effects are beautiful and amazing on your skin tones and keep off harsh shadows that can ruin a good photo. The beautiful setting will make the bride and the groom appear consistent too in the photos.

Wedding Transport

It is during the moving from one place to the other that intimate moments are commonly shared between you and your groom. You should therefore allow your wedding photographers into your car on your way to the ceremony or reception so that such moments don’t pass by unnoticed.

Employing Creativity For Your Wedding Photos

The creative portraits of your wedding are amazing and you should give enough time to create the portraits. A good photographer who understands wedding photography should guide you into getting the very best of results with every shot of the happy couple. You should be open to adventure, tenacity and patience when letting the professional handle what he knows best to get you perfect results.

The Reception

This is another phase of the wedding where plenty of wedding photos need to be taken. For indoor receptions, the more the lighting the better and clearer the photos will be. Up-lighting of purple, pink, red and orange work amazing and so do twinkle lights, chandeliers and candles. Tent reception photos are brought out amazing by the white canvas, but you can add lanterns, candles and chandeliers. For outdoor reception under the stars, strands of lights and candles in vases can be amazing choices in making wedding photos more dynamic and pretty.

Pretoria wedding photographers are experienced in getting the best from your wedding photos. When working with a good photographer or several of them therefore, you can be sure that your wedding photographer in Pretoria will stand out in the end.

wedding photographer

Tips To Get The Best From Your Wedding Photographer

Professional wedding photographers can be a great investment for your big day. When you make it easy for your wedding photographer, you can be sure to have great wedding photos in the end. The results you get from your wedding photographer will be as good as the preparations that you have made for him to do what he does best with ease.

Be Reasonable With Timing When Engaging With Your Wedding Photographer

It can be frustrating for a professional to arrive on time only to find that nothing is ready for the shoots to begin. This is especially very important when working on a limited wedding photography package since it can determine the number of photos you can have during the time covered by the package. When giving your timings to the photographer, be sure to add extra time to it since there is no telling what might take longer than expected or what will go wrong when least expected.

Make Sure Your Wedding Photographer Is Well Fed Before The Ceremony

This is something that can be as simple as including him on your guest list. A hungry photographer might not be the best to work with, especially considering the pressures that can come with trying to arrange people to get the best photos on your big day. You can have the photographer attended to as soon as he arrives to get him ready for the big day on a high note. This is also a simple way of keeping excuses at bay during the wedding event when he feels the need to go grab a bite away from the location or wedding venue. When you include him on the guest list, it ensures that he can easily find his way around and be among the most important people to you thus getting the very best of the day.

Choose The Best Wedding Venue And Let Your Wedding Photographer Check It Out Before The Wedding

The best thing about engaging your wedding photographers in the venue choice can fetch you professional advice on how to set it up so that the best shots can be got on the big day. For instance, if it is an outdoor wedding, the pro can advise on where to best set up the ceremony area and reception area so that lighting can be amazing even for the photos. A venue with beautiful features such as beautiful natural landscapes and well-manicured lawns and flower gardens can ease the work of the photographer in getting stunning wedding photos on your behalf. Consider the color schemes when choosing the venue to the perfect shots.

Fill In The Wedding Photographer On Your VIP Guests

In as much as everyone you have invited to the wedding is important to you, you can include people who mean a lot more to you such as your parents, siblings and your best friend among anyone else. When you hire a wedding photographer, his aim will be to capture anything that is interesting and this can leave out some of the most important people during the event. You can familiarize the photographer to your family members before the wedding through simple meetings or use of recent photos. This way, he will be in a better position to know the people to focus more on during the event. It can be sad to go through your wedding photos and you can’t trace your most important guests like parents on smart stunning photos. Let the photographer understand what’s most important to you for focused photos in the end.

Pretoria wedding photographers can fetch you amazing wedding albums when you try and make their duties easier for them to achieve. Therefore, be sure to engage your wedding photographers in Pretoria before the wedding to get the best.

wedding photographer

What Makes A Good Wedding Photographer For Your Wedding?

The best wedding photography can only be achieved from the best wedding photographers. With so many of them nowadays, what then makes a good one for your big day?

Wedding Photographer Price Tag

It is probably the most important of considerations when making a choice. In as much as wedding photos are important, remember that there is much more to the day than stunning photos. To remain within your wedding budget, create a budget and allocate funds to every area of the wedding and this includes the wedding photography. The amount that you can spare should be good enough to hire a professional photographer to offer you professional services. An affordable, professional photographer should be good for you. The price tag can be determined by the wedding photography packages he has to offer and other charges there might be. A good wedding photographer will have everything clearly laid down for you with the charges and no hidden costs so be sure to consider the price tag from all angles.

Professional wedding photographer

If you are hiring a professional wedding photographer, it is because you want professionalism incorporated in every shot for the best. The educational background, training, camera types, creativity, passion, skills and talent are some of the virtues that can make a good professional wedding photographer. By simply listening to suggestions from your photo expert, you can easily tell how good he is in his field. The experience can also have effects on how professional your wedding photographers are, so be sure to choose those with enough experience to meet your individual expectations and to handle the pressures that can come with the big day and big expectations.


It is another building block of a good photographer in the sense of how pleasant he will be to work with. You will find it easy to form a good business relationship with a photographer who has a good personality. Mutual chemistry is very important since it makes it easy for the best to be enjoyed with the wedding photos. A good wedding photographer should not sulk at the slightest criticism or get angry just because some people are not too cooperative. A good personality makes such stressful situations easier to handle. Language is also very important as far as your expert is concerned since he will be addressing guests all day long and should therefore use polite language. You will also feel good working with a pleasant photographer which is good for a smooth happy day all through.


Sometimes you and your groom might not know what good poses are all about, but when working with a creative photographer, this should come in easy. The secret is to start with an engagement shoot before the wedding so that you have an opportunity to be taught something about your poses. During such trials before the wedding, you can tell how creative your photographer is and the potential he has in fetching you the best wedding pose advice during the big day. The creativity goes a long way beyond the shoot and into the editing of photos and creation of an album. Through the creativity, you can have otherwise dull looking photos turned into bright, interesting ones long after they have been taken. A good wedding photographer will offer every service you deserve until you have got what you term as the best wedding photos ever. You can unearth his creativity and professionalism by asking questions of photo services you can enjoy prior to hiring his services. Creativity can be the difference between stunning photos and dull wedding photos.

Wedding photographers in Pretoria can handle all kinds of wedding requirements. This is however only possible when you take the time to choose the best for your professional wedding photography.

stunning on your wedding day

How To Capture Stunning Photos On Your Wedding Day

Things You Can Do On Your Wedding Day To Look Stunning In Your Photos

As a Bride On Your Wedding Day

You will be treated as the center of attraction throughout this day and you should therefore be ready to carry yourself the best that you can. Be yourself, but at the same remain as elegant and classy as possible; after all it is your wedding day and you have the freedom to enjoy as much as you want to.

Smile with your eyes by engaging and connecting with the camera on your wedding day. When you smile with your eyes, your wedding photos will be beautiful whether you are showing your teeth or not. The secret is to enjoy the day and to go with the flow.

Try different photo poses when the camera is on you. You can actually even try the red carpet pose that is an ever classic for exquisite unique wedding photos. Avoid creating photos that are shot from one angle. When working with a good photographer, you should find the poses easy to create and achieve. Try as many versions of the poses as possible and focus on making them your trademark.

Enlarge your eyes by looking up, raising your eyebrows and leaning your neck and chin slightly towards the camera. They say the eyes are the mirrors to the heart and they should therefore reflect all your emotions on your wedding day. The bigger they appear the happier you will appear, thus the more striking the photos.

Elongate your neck to get shots that are simply elegant. You can easily do this by lowering your shoulders towards the camera and keeping your chin up. You will be surprised at how pretty your wedding photography will be with a longer looking neck.

Avoid pressing arms against your body. Create a separation between your arms and your body to make your arms appear smaller and to also define your waistline for your torso to be slimmer. When you have the perfect wedding gown on, you will have a body shape that is feminine and beautiful, so work towards showing it off in the best way possible on your wedding day.

Hold the bouquet around your hip instead of right in front of you. It will eliminate blocked photo looks and photos that appear as though you are hiding and taking refuge behind it, maybe because you are not confident. When you hold the bouquet around your hip area, you will keep a clear view of the wedding gown which is very important.

As a Groom On Your Wedding Day

It’s your big day as well and you should make an effort to look your best to match with your stunning bride. The first thing to do is to be confident in your wedding suit that you selected. A good cut always makes amazing photos, especially when coupled with confidence, so pull off the wedding look in the best way you can on your wedding day.

Smile as much as possible throughout the day and take part in the happy moments. You don’t want your bride looking alone and lost smiling alone in the wedding photos. Get lost in those precious moments too; at least for this day alone.

Let your eyes concentrate on your bride as much as it is possible. Wedding photos of grooms staring admirably at their brides always make the most romantic shots. Take the day to enjoy the beauty that is your wife and share those feelings as physically and emotionally.

Maintain good body contact with your bride by keeping her close most of the times. Photos where you appear protective but loving can transform your wedding album into one of the most romantic. You will also look as a happy part of the great union which is important.

There are different wedding photography packages that you can choose from to ensure that your moments are captured at their best and within your budget and preferences on your wedding day. Choose our professional wedding photography services for the best results.

Before The Wedding

Must-Do Things Before The Wedding

Wedding ceremonies seem to revolve around the bride more than the groom. That is why it is usually considered her big day. How a bride looks on her big day can determine the mood of the entire ceremony. A bride can make or break her own day and this means that she needs to give in her very best to make the day as outstanding as possible. If you are a soon to be bride, then here are some of the things that you will find important to do before the wedding day so that you can have the most stunning photos marking the big day.

Practice More Smiling

Yes, you already know how to smile right, but remember that this is one day that you will be required to smile practically to everything and everyone. With a little practicing right before the wedding, you will find it easy to keep up with the smiling on the wedding day. The practicing can also help in perfecting that smile if you are not a very smiley person making it all feel and look natural. You do not want your wedding photos filled with frowns that can make you and the ceremony look dull.

Whiten Teeth If Possible Before The Wedding

Purely white teeth make radiant pretty smiles. A brighter smile can be all the magic that you need for your wedding photography portfolio. Luckily, there are professional cleaning services that are quite affordable and will get rid of the plaque before a whitening treatment. With whiter teeth, you will not only have a stunning smile and pretty photos but you will also feel more confident as you keep up with the smiling all through the day. It can be hard to smile if you are too conscious about your teeth and smile. So, do something about it if you can before the wedding.

Get a Professional Manicure Before The Wedding

It is important since the ring will be the center of attraction at the church ceremony. It can be terrible to have close up shots of a beautiful ring on the fingers that are not well done. The fingers should therefore look as pretty as possible and only a professional artist can help you with that. Most wedding photographers actually advocate for a good manicure before an engagement shoot leave alone before the wedding, so give it your best if at all you are to love the look of your hands on final wedding photos. The best for a wedding is to keep the nail at a reasonable length and to apply polish that is purely white or in such shades that are suitable for a wedding over striking bright colors. Bright colors can take the attention off the ring so get it right with the nail polish as well.

Do Makeup And Hair Trials

You already know the hair style that you wish for during the big day as well as the makeup; now take time for a trial. The trials are very important before the wedding to make sure that you will achieve the wedding look that you have in mind. It is one thing to choose a good wedding hairstyle, but quite another to have the style that makes you stand out. Have the hairstyle and the makeup tried on before the wedding day so that if any changes need to be made they can be made before it is celebration time. The trials will also keep your hair and makeup artist armed into getting the best look on time on the big day. Remember that your wedding photography will be as good as your hair and makeup, especially in close up shots of the face.

Professional wedding photography can transform your wedding memories into everlasting fresh moments. You however will need to ensure you play your part before then hiring professional wedding photographers in Pretoria to handle the details on your behalf.

wedding speech

Delivering Your Wedding Speech Tips

A wedding speech are a crucial point in every wedding. They are most commonly made by the groom, best man, fathers, or even the bride herself. Public speaking can be considered a natural gift, and many people are nervous to have the pressure of standing in front of a large crowd. It can be scary, especially on such an important day. Luckily for you, we specialize in wedding photography in Pretoria – we know the best tips and tricks to ensure your speech is one for the books.

Timing the Wedding Speech

A wedding speech are traditionally after the meal, but it’s becoming increasingly popular to have the speech prior to the meal. This appeals to many people, especially those who are nervous as it allows the opportunity to get the speech out of the way. After meals, people can also sometimes leave to go outside or to the bar and it can be difficult to rally everyone together. Having a speech before the meal helps to keep everyone’s attention. Be sure not to cut into dinnertime, as there may be set time slots.

Length of the Wedding Speech

The actual running time for everyone’s speeches is about an hour. The last thing you want to do is be the person who bores the audience with your speech and has everyone uninterested. A good wedding speech length per person should be around five minutes. This provides enough time to cover all of the essentials while making sure you have enough time for professional wedding photography.

Practice the Speech

By practicing the wedding speech, you will appear much more comfortable and calm when the time comes to actually read it. If you have only ever skimmed through your speech prior to reading it, you will naturally appear more nervous and are more likely to stumble on your wording. Try also practicing with someone else to ensure the content is enjoyed by others. Have them provide you with constructive criticism if you would like to improve your speech.

Pace Yourself

As with any public speaking, it is important to breathe slowly and always take breaths during your wedding speech. This will help keep you calm and stop you from making your speech too rushed or sounding as if you were in a panic. Your speech will feel much more calm and provide your audience a chance to clap or laugh during the appropriate moments. As wedding photographers in Pretoria, we have listened to our fair share of rushed speeches.

Eye Contact

If you are feeling nervous and don’t want to seem like it, smile and make sure you look members of the audience in the eye. This will show that you are happy and trying to engage your audience in your speech will hopefully mirror the effect onto them. Make eye contact with members of the wedding party, which will show your personable side.

By following our professional tips to delivering a successful and engaging wedding speech, your toast will be simple! Look no further when searching for a wedding photographer in Pretoria. Follow our professional tips to delivering a successful and engaging wedding speech and it will make your toast a breeze and help you look great in the photos. Remember this is a once in a lifetime event with our extensive wedding photography packages.

5 Tips Towards Choosing Groomsmen Outfits

Groomsmen Outfits Plays a Crucial Role

Choosing Groomsmen Outfits

Weddings are traditionally focused on the bride and groom, but groomsmen also play a crucial role in any wedding. Choosing and maintaining your groomsmen outfits and style can be just as important as choosing the bridesmaids attire. While you might think a tuxedo or suit are the only options – we encourage you to think again! We are professional wedding photographers in Pretoria and we know weddings inside and out. There are many stylish ways to incorporate casual and sophisticated styles to keep the boys looking fresh and unique. Let’s look at some styling ideas for groomsmen.

Mismatched Ties

Choosing Groomsmen Outfits 1

By using mismatched ties that are within the same colour, you can easily add a whimsical and fun element to the groomsmen outfits without going overboard. This also allows for the groomsmen to add their own unique touch to their outfit. Throw on matching suspenders, and the groomsmen will look sophisticated yet sweet. This will bring together the entire outfit and ensure they still look appropriate in your wedding photography package.

Skinny Black Ties

A classic black tie brings together groomsmen outfits, by incorporating a skinny black tie, you are offering a casual yet classic style. These are especially popular for the younger generation and have become increasingly common within the last couple of years. Similar to the mismatched ties, these can also be pulled together with matching suspenders to create a polished look. Ensure the ties are all the same length, or else the style will appear thrown together rather than planned properly.

Casual Vests with Denim Jeans

Choosing Groomsmen Outfits 2

For a western look, groomsmen can be dressed in a casual button up vest and a denim jean. By having all of the men dress in the same colour and style vests, this casual look can become quite classy. This especially holds true when the look is completed with a boutonniere, collared shirt, and matching ties. We are professional wedding photographers in Pretoria and we can tell you that this look is not common, but when it’s done, it’s always very successful and comes out great in photos.

Pullover Sweaters

By having the groomsmen wear matching pullover sweaters that are colour coordinated to the grooms attire, the professional wedding photos will appear stunning. This complements the groomsmen outfits which is what is most important. This is also a great, casual alternative to having the groomsmen wear suits, and can be used for outdoor weddings or anywhere that involves some activity. These pull together nicely when paired with matching ties.

Colourful Slacks

This look is perfect for outdoor or destination weddings. Having groomsmen wear colourful slacks can be whimsical or distracting – depending on the chosen colour. Avoid anything that is too light, as it will take away from the bride’s dress and can easily be stained. Colours such as coral, green, or blue work very nice and can easily complement the style of the bridesmaids. Ensure that the shirts and ties are matching when choosing groomsmen outfits if you are using coloured pants or else the look will appear thrown together.

Look no further when searching for a wedding photographer in Pretoria. We will ensure the groomsmen style shows classy in your  high quality, professional photos. Remember this is a once in a lifetime event with our extensive wedding photography packages.

Wedding Food

5 Tips on Choosing Wedding Food and Saving Money

Planning Your Wedding Food and Drink Menu

It can be difficult to adhere to the many requests of your wedding guests while remaining within your budget when it comes to planning your wedding food and drink menu. Most couples want to keep it simple, delicious, and affordable. Once you add together the caterers, professional wedding photographers, and entertainment – things can add up very quickly. We created a list of ways to help you save on wedding food and drinks at your wedding.

Bring Your Own Appetizers

Wedding Food Apetizers

While this may sound time consuming, it can actually be quite simple. Choose delicious appetizers that you can make ahead of time, for instance a frozen appetizer that can be heated up prior to serving. Many caterers will charge outrageous inflated prices and you can cut the costs in half by supplying the appetizers yourself. Some aspects of the wedding such as the wedding photography packages shouldn’t be skimped on – but is there really a difference when it comes to the appetizers?

Go Server-less

While your mother might think it will look great having servers walking through the crowds holding trays of finger foods – it does not matter to your guests. They care more about actually having something to eat rather than the presentation of the wedding food.

Limit the Open Bar

Wedding Food and Drink

If your entire reception is four hours in length, consider having the open bar only open for half the time. Many guests enjoy having a drink when they first arrive and are waiting for the festivities to commence. Many will not have a second drink, and many others will actually leave after the dinner has been served. A similar option is to close the bar during dinner, which also allows guests to socialize.

Compare A La Carte and Buffet Packages

Wedding Food Buffet

Just like professional wedding photographers, many catering companies offer comprehensive packages that suit a variety of budgets. While many people believe that buffets are the more expensive option out of the two, the opposite often holds true. It is best to verify with the caterer on all of their package prices, to ensure you are receiving the best deal.

Opt for the Cupcakes

Wedding Food Cupcakes

Instead of spending a fortune on a lavishly large wedding cake, consider buying a tiered cupcake display instead. There are many advantages of serving cupcakes at your wedding, including the reduced cost. These can be up to five times less expensive than a traditional cake, but contain the same delicious ingredients. These are also much easier to eat as a finger food, and can easily be taken home in a small box for guests to enjoy later.

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Honeymoon Planning Couple

5 Essential Honeymoon Planning Tips

The honeymoon is perhaps the best part of the wedding process. This is something that the bride and groom looks forward to for a long time, and will most likely be considered as the trip of a lifetime. Many brides begin with their honeymoon planning from the moment they say “I do.” We are Pretoria wedding photographers, and we know better than anyone that your honeymoon planning requires some serious planning. Follow our professional tips to ensure you get the most out of your honeymoon.

When to Begin your Honeymoon Planning

Honeymoon Planning

When it comes your honeymoon planning, the sooner the better. Planning ahead allows you to budget accordingly, prepare any necessary documents, and confirm availability. Similar to professional wedding photographers, things can get booked up quickly. If you are travelling within a popular time, many resorts will no longer be available, especially if you are searching for specialty rooms such as a Honeymoon Suite.

Where to Go

This is a very personal choice and while Seychelles, Maldives, and Fiji are amazing honeymoon locations – they may not be the best choice for you. Take into consideration the length of your honeymoon, and the length of the flight. Exotic locations are ideal if you have ample travel time and don’t mind long haul flights. However, some locations take over a day of travel time and can cut into your honeymoon planning.

When to Go

If you are departing on your honeymoon the day after your wedding, you should try booking a later flight. At the time of booking, you may think its okay to depart at 6am after your wedding, but you will be whistling a different tune after a long night of post wedding partying. Try to leave yourself at least a day in between your wedding and honeymoon departure.

Pick a Resort

Romantic Couple at Sunset

Are you looking for a unique resort or in your honeymoon planning, a boutique hotel, or an all inclusive haven? There are plenty of resorts to choose from and they all offer different advantages. All inclusive allows you to easily prepare your budget, as most of your meals and drinks are already included in the price. Boutique hotels can include some hidden costs such as resort fees, and could be far away from inexpensive restaurants. Many resorts also offer special amenities to newlyweds, such as a free upgrade or romantic dinner. It’s advisable to bring a copy of your marriage certificate on the trip.

The Finer Details in Honeymoon Planning

Be sure to check if your honeymoon planning destination requires any special Visas, or other documentation requirements. Many destinations will also require you to get special vaccines before arriving into the country, sometimes they must be taken over a month prior to departure. Also, look into purchasing insurance – as while you may think that nothing is stopping you from taking the trip – there is always an unforeseeable circumstance which could throw you off course.

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Wedding Invitations

Black and White Wedding Invitations

The Face of Your Wedding Invitations

If you’re a woman, then you’d probably dreamed about your wedding day since you were a small girl. You might have had a vague idea about it, or a very detailed version where you know exactly what there will be, where every little thing will be, and who will be sitting next to whom.

Black and White Wedding Invitations

Regardless of whether you belonged to one group or the other, when the real thing comes, you’ll find that there are a million things to prepare in order to make that dream come true. That’s why it’s better to start the wedding preparations as early as possible, in order to have enough time to deal with any contingency that might arise in the way.

One of the most important things to prepare is wedding invitations. They are in a way, the face of the wedding, as they are the first thing that guests get in relation to the wedding. Therefore, picking them and preparing them are very important and enough time should be allocated for them in any wedding checklist or wedding planning schedule. Above all, they should be free of spelling mistakes and typos. Not only because of the bad image that they will give, but because replacing them will be expensive and time consuming.

The Style of Your Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations

If you want a classic and elegant wedding, then black and white wedding invitations are the best option for you. Black and white wedding invitations are sober, yet elegant, and can be easily adapted to many motives.

Another advantage of black and white wedding invitations is that they match any color. So, even if you still haven’t decided about the colors of your wedding, you can already have black and white wedding invitations printed, which will save you a lot of time.

Affordable Wedding Invitations

Black White Wedding Invitations

Yet another good side to black and white wedding invitations is that they are cheaper than colored invitations. And when it comes to a wedding, every cent counts. Most importantly, any savings that you get from black and white wedding invitations can go to improve another part of the wedding, like getting more flowers or better wedding photography packages.

You can also add a professional wedding photography pictures to black and white wedding invitations. Because there’s no color involved, the process will be faster, easier, and cheaper. Moreover, a black and white picture is more striking and classic than a colored one.

So, as you can see, there are several advantages to black and white wedding invitations. If you’re planning your wedding already, you should at least take a look at them and hire Pretoria wedding photographers to create stunning invitations.

Wedding Reception After Party

Wedding Reception After Party

We are professional wedding photographers in Pretoria and have been to our fair share of weddings. We, along with any bride, can tell you that the wedding reception usually flies by. The last dance doesn’t have to be the end of the celebration, and there are always people who refuse to let the good times come to an end.

Throwing a wedding reception after party will not only prolong the wedding day, but it will surely impress the guests and add a personal touch. Here are our suggestions to help get the after party started:

Choose Your Wedding Reception Style

Wedding Reception After Party 1

There are three major post wedding party routes to take; the spontaneous outing to a local bar where everyone pays for their own share, the rented room in a wedding venue with or without an open tab, and the well organized post wedding celebration where guests enjoy an open bar and added entertainment. The main differences are the legwork and cost. The event should be organized in advance, especially if you want a professional wedding photography package.

No Invitations Necessary

The best thing about a wedding reception after party is that the traditional wedding etiquette is not necessary. Everyone should feel welcome to attend, but formal invitations are not required. To ensure everyone is aware of the post wedding reception festivities, you should include information on the wedding invitation itself or spread the news by word of mouth. Deciding who to invite is simple – if they were invited to the wedding reception, they should be invited to the after party as well.

Wear Anything

Wedding Reception

While some people may want to continue the night wearing their formal clothing, if the wedding reception after party is held in a hotel for instance, people may want to change into something more comfortable. It is considerate to let guests know what the dress code is for the wedding after party. If you want to sport your beautiful white gown until dawn – it will make for some lovely wedding photography. Just be careful not to stain the dress.

Cover the Costs

A wedding reception after party is a new trend and there is not yet a set etiquette for who will traditionally pay. Many guests will likely offer to pay the bar time and oftentimes, the brides parents will consider it part of the reception itself, especially if it can easily be added to the final bill. Many couples choose to pay for the after party themselves because the guests are usually the couple’s younger friends. Consider splitting the bill with everyone if you’re worried about overspending.

All good things must come to an end, including your wedding day. If you’re renting a space, or professional wedding photographers in Pretoria, you most likely have allotted an amount of time and decided when to go home which can be quite clear. Otherwise, there is no reason not to keep the party going until dawn. If you’re leaving on your honeymoon the next day, be sure to have a friend give you a wake-up call!

Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid Dresses That Matches Your Wedding

Bridesmaid Dresses are a Crucial Aspect of any Wedding

A poorly coordinated bridal party will reflect badly on the bride and would draw attention away from her stunning wedding dress. To ensure all bridesmaids are properly dressed, it is necessary to think of their needs and ask appropriate questions. As professional wedding photographers in Pretoria, we know the best tips to ensure any bridal party is polished and pretty.

Bridesmaid Dress

The Unified Element

  • While bridesmaid dresses do not have to be completely matching, there should be something that ties them together. Brides should choose one dress aspect such as color, style, or fabric – that remains consistent with the bridesmaids. This will especially complement the wedding photography.

Match Fabrics

  • The fabric of the bridesmaid dresses should complement the fabric of the bride. It would look especially strange if bridesmaids were wearing soft chiffon while the bride was wearing taffeta shifts. In order to ensure gorgeous wedding photography, this is a must.

Decide on the Lengths

  • Similar to the fabrics, bridesmaids and the bride should have similar dress lengths. While not all dresses have to match completely, one dress with a DIY hemming job will not complement the rest.

Flattering Style

  • It is crucial for brides to understand the different shapes and sizes of their bridesmaids. It is important to choose silhouettes that work well for each body. A David’s Bridal dress specialist said; “While straps and jersey fabric work nicely on petite women, flowy empire waists work well on curves.”


  • No bride should go overboard on altering bridesmaid dresses, however it is important to have each woman feel comfortable in her dress and have it fit properly. It does cost a little extra, but the alternative is having a poorly fitted dress.

Stop and Listen

  • An unhappy bridesmaid is no help to anyone. If a woman does not love or appreciate her dress, remain patient, and work on solving the issue. Troubleshooting a bridesmaid dress problem will ensure a smooth wedding.

Bridesmaids Dresses

There are many common mistakes to avoid when choosing bridesmaid dresses. Brides should ensure they leave ample time to have the dresses altered and never leave anything until the last minute. It’s important to avoid any color clashes, and to ensure all colors will come out nicely in wedding photos. Never choose a dress that is too similar to the bride’s dress, as this will take away her beauty. Match the dresses to the venue, and ensure they complement the atmosphere of the wedding. Lastly, minimize unwanted surprises by looking into hidden costs with your wedding budget.

Look no further when searching for a wedding photographer in Pretoria. We will ensure that the beauty of your bridesmaid dresses will show in your high quality, professional photos. Remember, this is a once in a lifetime event with our extensive wedding photography packages.

Marquee Wedding

Marquee Wedding Tips To Consider Before Hiring

Marquee Wedding Lights

A marquee wedding would be a great option if you want your wedding reception in your own garden or that of a willing parent or friend. It can be a magnificent structure that transforms a small area into a wonderful marquee wedding venue. They can be cooled in the summer and heated in the winter. Marquees can be constructed against buildings, in and around gardens, with dramatic roof linings, window walls, level floors and transparent ceilings.

They can become expensive to hire due to optional extras such as, heating, linings, lighting and flooring. If you are considering a marquee wedding held at home and you have had any experience of organizing and planning a wedding, then you will know that there a multitude of things that need sorting out. It would mean that you would need to assemble a team from scratch that includes catering with a temporary kitchen, linen, furniture, cutlery, decorations and flowers, facilities for alcohol, washrooms and parking close by. All this needs to be held together – who could be you!

It would be worth it if you could get it right. Nothing can be put in place unless the marquee is fully installed for your marquee wedding. Hire enough people to avoid doing everything yourself on the day. Safety is of high importance, so ensure that the people you hire is a company that has certification that meets the standards of quality and safety. Not everybody has the spending power of wealthy superstars who may have high end marquees for a wedding party. So, exactly what can you do to enable you to get the best value on your marquee hire price?

Marquee Wedding

Marquee Wedding Checklist

  • Obtain at least 3 quotes.
  • To accommodate your guests, determine the size of marquee you will need.
  • What does the price include?
  • What flooring types are available?
  • What is the marquee color and does it come with linings?
  • Can side doors and windows be opened and closed?
  • Is lighting, heating and cooling required?
  • Is a mobile washroom required?
  • Can a generator be provided if additional electricity is needed?
  • Can tables, chairs and linen be hired as additional options?
  • When would the balance be due is is a deposit required?
  • When will the marquee be put up?
  • When will the marquee be taken down?

A marquee wedding are fast becoming the choice of couples getting married today. If you are one of these couples, you should know that aside from choosing a good wedding marquee hire, there are also various choices of wedding marquees. Wedding marquees are available in different styles, shapes and sizes. In my opinion the pros of having a marquee outweigh the cons by a long way, for example marquees can be erected pretty much anywhere as long as the ground allows it.

There are many benefits of hiring a marquee for an outdoor wedding or reception party. The main benefit is that a marquee provides a stylish canopy which gives shelter from unpredictable weather conditions, such as strong winds, sunshine and rainfall.

Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues – Tips to Choosing a Great Venue

Are you looking for wedding venues that can hold your ceremony and reception in one place or do you require separate venues? If you require separate venues, search for a reception venue within a 30 minute drive from the ceremony. You can search local authority websites that has an approved license to hold marriage ceremonies.

Get as much information as you can from your list of wedding venues before visiting them and only visit the venues that is within your budget. See them during the time of day you’ll be using them. If the venue is out of your price range and you have set your heart upon it, consider an out-of-season wedding. Perhaps you could reduce the costs by having a different wedding style for example.

Before booking wedding venues for religious or civil ceremonies where a registrar presence is required, contact your local register office to ensure someone is available on your date.

10 Wedding Venues Search Tips

Wedding Venues 2

  1. Do you require easy access to public transport?
  2. How many guests will be coming to the ceremony?
  3. How many guests will be at the reception?
  4. If at separate locations, how far is the ceremony from the reception?
  5. At the reception, is there a wedding coordinator available?
  6. Do you require a wedding venue with separate areas for the ceremony and reception?
  7. What format should the wedding breakfast be (buffet or sit down)?
  8. Will there be additional evening guests?
  9. On your wedding night. Will you stay over at the reception venue?
  10. For out-of-town guests. Is accommodation available for them at the venue?

Ceremony Wedding Venues Checklist

Wedding Venues 5

  • If the ceremony and reception are held in the same room, where will your guests go while the room is prepared for the reception?
  • How long will your ceremony be?
  • Is confetti throwing allowed at the wedding venues?
  • Is candles allowed to be lit?
  • Is there available parking?
  • Is the wedding venues easily accessible by public transport?
  • Where can you take photographs with your wedding photography packages?

Reception Wedding Venues Checklist

Wedding Venues 10

  • Is there a facility fee?
  • Can you hire your own catering, or is there in-house catering available?
  • Are meals calculated per head and what is included in the package?
  • Will a service charge be added to the final bill and does the price include VAT?
  • When will full payment be required and how much is the deposit?
  • Is there a minimum spend amount?
  • Can you request a free of charge menu tasting?
  • How much will an additional evening buffet cost per head at the wedding venues?
  • Are furniture, glassware and linens included in the price?
  • Is a honeymoon suite included in the wedding venues package?
  • If there’s any accommodation available for wedding guests, is it discounted?
  • If no accommodation is available for wedding guests, is there any close by?
  • Where can the bride get ready and will there be any cost for that?
  • Does the wedding venues have a license to sell alcohol?
  • Is there a dance floor available for entertainment?
  • Is live music allowed?
  • What time must the reception finish?
  • Are there any special areas for wedding photography?
  • Are there any wet weather alternatives?
  • Is there any parking available?
  • Can they provide you with a list of recommended suppliers?
  • Can gifts be stored in a safe area at the wedding venues?
  • Will your wedding be the only wedding taking place?

Wedding Budgeting

Wedding Budgeting & The Big 5

Wedding Budgeting

How much money you spend is not measured on celebrating your commitment to one another. Weddings are not about the pounds and pennies, it’s about the people. Always keep tat in mind! Wedding budgeting is one of the most important and usually the most difficult tasks there is in wedding planning.

Try to see if there is any family or friends willing to contribute to your day as soon as you can. In most cases, parents often provide a couple with cash or would offer to pay for a particular part of the wedding. If there is anyone making a large contribution, they might also want a say on decisions made.

Take your wedding budgeting financial responsibility over unless someone advises you otherwise. Make a decision who would pay for bridesmaids outfits and what the costs would be for hiring menswear. Unless they offer or you ask, the bridal party is likely to let you foot the bill.

Wedding Budgeting Breakdown

  • 50% Wedding Reception (Food and Drinks included)
  • 15% Wedding Outfits
  • 10% Flowers
  • 10% Photography
  • 5% Entertainment
  • 10% Everything Else (Gifts, Stationary etc.)

The Big 5

The Big 5

There are five key elements that needs to be considered before you can even begin with your wedding planning. We call them the “Big 5.” It is crucial to use these five points when you have meetings with everyone involved. These points would be your ideal road map and would even help you on your wedding budgeting.

  • How? Will you have a religious or civil ceremony?
  • Where? Where would you like to be married?
  • When? Be flexible on your wedding date to have more options available.
  • Who? Who will be invited to your big day?
  • Budget? How much are you willing to spend with your wedding budgeting campaign?

Wedding Budgeting Tips

  1. Stick to your set budget and allow only a 10% contingency for overspending.
  2. Create a wedding account with your bank.
  3. Allocate funds accordingly, for example, flowers being more important than champagne.
  4. When overspending in a certain area, take it back from another.
  5. 50% of your wedding budgeting should go to your wedding reception that includes the food and drinks.
  6. Hire rather than buy expensive items and borrow if necessary.
  7. Ask every supplier if they offered you their best prices.
  8. Check all quotes if they include Vat and read the small print.
  9. Plan ahead and shop during post Christmas times.
  10. Do not spend to alleviate pre-wedding nerves.

Wedding Planning

10 Tips To Successful Wedding Planning

Top ten tips that you can use towards your wedding planning campaign.

Spectacular flowers and fantastic food will compliment and contribute the “wow” factor to any wedding planning day, but the thing being enjoyed the most during the celebrations are the people. All you do is create the perfect backdrop. Weddings from large to small, requires many hours of wedding planning. The main key is to keep a sense of portion and staying organized. Resist the overall temptation to get carried away while exploring the details before making some key decisions. You could waste a lot of time if you don’t follow this advise and you could tie yourselves into things you do not eventually want or cannot afford.  That would restrict your options at a later time. Remember, there is no right or wrong in wedding planning, just find the way that works for you.

Wedding Planning1. The key to successful and stress-free wedding planning is being organized. Invest in some good and solid wedding checklists that you can use to survive and thrive as a bride.

2. Don’t waste too much time on the detail of your wedding by getting carried away until you have put in place some key elements: how much you can spend and when and where you’ll be married.

3. Present a united front to your families and create your day together. If your family are contributing financially, leave some room for their input.

4. Be sensitive to the expectation and desires of each other and your families when you are drawing up your guest list. Listen and respect the point of view of others. Prepare yourself to compromise and negotiate in your wedding planning effort.

5. Behind every gorgeous groom and blooming bride is a efficient and fabulous team, so delegate what you can to friends and family who have skills in areas you need help with.

Carissa & Johnathan (23)

6. Have a reliable chief bridesmaid and best man. If your closest friends are not competent and/or reliable, give them something else to do!

7. Do not hire anything or anyone until you have seen their wares and samples. Before signing a contract, get every detail in writing and ask: “Is this your best price?”

8. Keep calm, cool and collected – especially with your dearest and nearest. Don’t alienate anyone you’ll need later on in your wedding planning.

9. Have wedding-free evenings with your hubby and wedding-free zones in your home. You will then remember why you are getting married!

10. Consider yourself as a bride on a budget by planning only for the type of wedding that you can afford. Always shop in mind by accepting what you’ve got to spend.  Create your perfect wedding and not that of a premier league footballer’s dream.