Pretoria Wedding Photographers at Bayete Estate

Pretoria Wedding Photographers took on a Wedding at Bayete Estate and Spa

As professional wedding photographers we took on the challenge to photograph the wedding of Shonisani & Nokuthula at Bayete Estate and Spa in Erasmia around Pretoria area. First I would like to mention the Venue itself and then talk about the wedding.

Professional Wedding Photographers at Bayete Estate and Spa Erasmia

At first when we went to locate the wedding venue, we could not find it due to some issues. Fist we noticed that there is no clear signs of the estate and the entrance (road) leading to the estate was right next to a scrap dealing business. Due to this reason alone, we missed the entrance. After turning around and actually locating the the road leading to the estate, I noticed that the brick wall displayed small letters “Bayete”. I would get professionals to install a proper sign that would attract more customers in my professional opinion.

When driving on the gravel road toward the estate entrance, a security guard meets you to sign in and opens the gate in a professional manner. So they do have security which is a plus point. They have good amount of visitors parking that can accommodate for at least 150 people. On the wedding venue we found a good looking chapel a large reception area and accommodation to suite the needs of a couple wanting to get married, dressed and all in one on the venue.

Bayete Estate and Spa Erasmia has a beautiful garden throughout the venue that creates many photo opportunities for any Pretoria Wedding Photographer. Do yourself a favor, go and visit the venue and see if this would suite your budget and whether they meet all your required needs.

Featured Images of Shonisani & Nokuthula’s Wedding

Please note that all images are Low Resolution

Wedding Photos

Ensure Your Wedding Photos Turn Out Great

It takes a long time to prepare a good wedding even though it only happens in a day and ends in a matter of a few hours. The best you can therefore do is to ensure that your wedding photos are captured in every precious moment, so that years down the line you can still relive your wedding day like it happened only yesterday. Wedding photos last a lifetime and keep the memories fresh and free from fading hence the importance of ensuring that each holds value for you.

Getting Ready For Your Wedding Photos

Brides go through mixed emotions on the day of their wedding. Some would rather enjoy a quiet morning getting ready all alone while others would rather get ready with a few friends around or in a room with a bunch of people valuable to them. Your individuality will determine the kind of getting ready that gets you the environment and energy that you need to handle the big day. You can however still ensure that your wedding photographer captures a few of your photos when getting ready.

Hair And Makeup For Your Wedding Photos

This can take a number of minutes, especially on the wedding day because you wish to look your best. Always plan with your stylist or artist on the timing and the length it will require for you to be ready in terms of the hair and makeup. It will ensure that you start early and you have enough time to get it right, after all it’s your big day and you should look your best. Immediately after the session, let your photographer take shots when you are still fresh in your wedding makeup.

The Ceremony

It is important to remember that some churches have restrictions when it comes to photography. It makes it important to confirm early before the wedding that your photographer will be allowed into the church and to take wedding photos during the church ceremony. It will save you from unrealistic expectations that can be frustrating on your big day. In case you plan on having an outdoor ceremony, then the best time to hold it should be a few hours before sunset. This is because the sunlight effects are beautiful and amazing on your skin tones and keep off harsh shadows that can ruin a good photo. The beautiful setting will make the bride and the groom appear consistent too in the photos.

Wedding Transport

It is during the moving from one place to the other that intimate moments are commonly shared between you and your groom. You should therefore allow your wedding photographers into your car on your way to the ceremony or reception so that such moments don’t pass by unnoticed.

Employing Creativity For Your Wedding Photos

The creative portraits of your wedding are amazing and you should give enough time to create the portraits. A good photographer who understands wedding photography should guide you into getting the very best of results with every shot of the happy couple. You should be open to adventure, tenacity and patience when letting the professional handle what he knows best to get you perfect results.

The Reception

This is another phase of the wedding where plenty of wedding photos need to be taken. For indoor receptions, the more the lighting the better and clearer the photos will be. Up-lighting of purple, pink, red and orange work amazing and so do twinkle lights, chandeliers and candles. Tent reception photos are brought out amazing by the white canvas, but you can add lanterns, candles and chandeliers. For outdoor reception under the stars, strands of lights and candles in vases can be amazing choices in making wedding photos more dynamic and pretty.

Pretoria wedding photographers are experienced in getting the best from your wedding photos. When working with a good photographer or several of them therefore, you can be sure that your wedding photographer in Pretoria will stand out in the end.

wedding photographer

Tips To Get The Best From Your Wedding Photographer

Professional wedding photographers can be a great investment for your big day. When you make it easy for your wedding photographer, you can be sure to have great wedding photos in the end. The results you get from your wedding photographer will be as good as the preparations that you have made for him to do what he does best with ease.

Be Reasonable With Timing When Engaging With Your Wedding Photographer

It can be frustrating for a professional to arrive on time only to find that nothing is ready for the shoots to begin. This is especially very important when working on a limited wedding photography package since it can determine the number of photos you can have during the time covered by the package. When giving your timings to the photographer, be sure to add extra time to it since there is no telling what might take longer than expected or what will go wrong when least expected.

Make Sure Your Wedding Photographer Is Well Fed Before The Ceremony

This is something that can be as simple as including him on your guest list. A hungry photographer might not be the best to work with, especially considering the pressures that can come with trying to arrange people to get the best photos on your big day. You can have the photographer attended to as soon as he arrives to get him ready for the big day on a high note. This is also a simple way of keeping excuses at bay during the wedding event when he feels the need to go grab a bite away from the location or wedding venue. When you include him on the guest list, it ensures that he can easily find his way around and be among the most important people to you thus getting the very best of the day.

Choose The Best Wedding Venue And Let Your Wedding Photographer Check It Out Before The Wedding

The best thing about engaging your wedding photographers in the venue choice can fetch you professional advice on how to set it up so that the best shots can be got on the big day. For instance, if it is an outdoor wedding, the pro can advise on where to best set up the ceremony area and reception area so that lighting can be amazing even for the photos. A venue with beautiful features such as beautiful natural landscapes and well-manicured lawns and flower gardens can ease the work of the photographer in getting stunning wedding photos on your behalf. Consider the color schemes when choosing the venue to the perfect shots.

Fill In The Wedding Photographer On Your VIP Guests

In as much as everyone you have invited to the wedding is important to you, you can include people who mean a lot more to you such as your parents, siblings and your best friend among anyone else. When you hire a wedding photographer, his aim will be to capture anything that is interesting and this can leave out some of the most important people during the event. You can familiarize the photographer to your family members before the wedding through simple meetings or use of recent photos. This way, he will be in a better position to know the people to focus more on during the event. It can be sad to go through your wedding photos and you can’t trace your most important guests like parents on smart stunning photos. Let the photographer understand what’s most important to you for focused photos in the end.

Pretoria wedding photographers can fetch you amazing wedding albums when you try and make their duties easier for them to achieve. Therefore, be sure to engage your wedding photographers in Pretoria before the wedding to get the best.

stunning on your wedding day

How To Capture Stunning Photos On Your Wedding Day

Things You Can Do On Your Wedding Day To Look Stunning In Your Photos

As a Bride On Your Wedding Day

You will be treated as the center of attraction throughout this day and you should therefore be ready to carry yourself the best that you can. Be yourself, but at the same remain as elegant and classy as possible; after all it is your wedding day and you have the freedom to enjoy as much as you want to.

Smile with your eyes by engaging and connecting with the camera on your wedding day. When you smile with your eyes, your wedding photos will be beautiful whether you are showing your teeth or not. The secret is to enjoy the day and to go with the flow.

Try different photo poses when the camera is on you. You can actually even try the red carpet pose that is an ever classic for exquisite unique wedding photos. Avoid creating photos that are shot from one angle. When working with a good photographer, you should find the poses easy to create and achieve. Try as many versions of the poses as possible and focus on making them your trademark.

Enlarge your eyes by looking up, raising your eyebrows and leaning your neck and chin slightly towards the camera. They say the eyes are the mirrors to the heart and they should therefore reflect all your emotions on your wedding day. The bigger they appear the happier you will appear, thus the more striking the photos.

Elongate your neck to get shots that are simply elegant. You can easily do this by lowering your shoulders towards the camera and keeping your chin up. You will be surprised at how pretty your wedding photography will be with a longer looking neck.

Avoid pressing arms against your body. Create a separation between your arms and your body to make your arms appear smaller and to also define your waistline for your torso to be slimmer. When you have the perfect wedding gown on, you will have a body shape that is feminine and beautiful, so work towards showing it off in the best way possible on your wedding day.

Hold the bouquet around your hip instead of right in front of you. It will eliminate blocked photo looks and photos that appear as though you are hiding and taking refuge behind it, maybe because you are not confident. When you hold the bouquet around your hip area, you will keep a clear view of the wedding gown which is very important.

As a Groom On Your Wedding Day

It’s your big day as well and you should make an effort to look your best to match with your stunning bride. The first thing to do is to be confident in your wedding suit that you selected. A good cut always makes amazing photos, especially when coupled with confidence, so pull off the wedding look in the best way you can on your wedding day.

Smile as much as possible throughout the day and take part in the happy moments. You don’t want your bride looking alone and lost smiling alone in the wedding photos. Get lost in those precious moments too; at least for this day alone.

Let your eyes concentrate on your bride as much as it is possible. Wedding photos of grooms staring admirably at their brides always make the most romantic shots. Take the day to enjoy the beauty that is your wife and share those feelings as physically and emotionally.

Maintain good body contact with your bride by keeping her close most of the times. Photos where you appear protective but loving can transform your wedding album into one of the most romantic. You will also look as a happy part of the great union which is important.

There are different wedding photography packages that you can choose from to ensure that your moments are captured at their best and within your budget and preferences on your wedding day. Choose our professional wedding photography services for the best results.

wedding speech

Delivering Your Wedding Speech Tips

A wedding speech are a crucial point in every wedding. They are most commonly made by the groom, best man, fathers, or even the bride herself. Public speaking can be considered a natural gift, and many people are nervous to have the pressure of standing in front of a large crowd. It can be scary, especially on such an important day. Luckily for you, we specialize in wedding photography in Pretoria – we know the best tips and tricks to ensure your speech is one for the books.

Timing the Wedding Speech

A wedding speech are traditionally after the meal, but it’s becoming increasingly popular to have the speech prior to the meal. This appeals to many people, especially those who are nervous as it allows the opportunity to get the speech out of the way. After meals, people can also sometimes leave to go outside or to the bar and it can be difficult to rally everyone together. Having a speech before the meal helps to keep everyone’s attention. Be sure not to cut into dinnertime, as there may be set time slots.

Length of the Wedding Speech

The actual running time for everyone’s speeches is about an hour. The last thing you want to do is be the person who bores the audience with your speech and has everyone uninterested. A good wedding speech length per person should be around five minutes. This provides enough time to cover all of the essentials while making sure you have enough time for professional wedding photography.

Practice the Speech

By practicing the wedding speech, you will appear much more comfortable and calm when the time comes to actually read it. If you have only ever skimmed through your speech prior to reading it, you will naturally appear more nervous and are more likely to stumble on your wording. Try also practicing with someone else to ensure the content is enjoyed by others. Have them provide you with constructive criticism if you would like to improve your speech.

Pace Yourself

As with any public speaking, it is important to breathe slowly and always take breaths during your wedding speech. This will help keep you calm and stop you from making your speech too rushed or sounding as if you were in a panic. Your speech will feel much more calm and provide your audience a chance to clap or laugh during the appropriate moments. As wedding photographers in Pretoria, we have listened to our fair share of rushed speeches.

Eye Contact

If you are feeling nervous and don’t want to seem like it, smile and make sure you look members of the audience in the eye. This will show that you are happy and trying to engage your audience in your speech will hopefully mirror the effect onto them. Make eye contact with members of the wedding party, which will show your personable side.

By following our professional tips to delivering a successful and engaging wedding speech, your toast will be simple! Look no further when searching for a wedding photographer in Pretoria. Follow our professional tips to delivering a successful and engaging wedding speech and it will make your toast a breeze and help you look great in the photos. Remember this is a once in a lifetime event with our extensive wedding photography packages.

Wedding Food

5 Tips on Choosing Wedding Food and Saving Money

Planning Your Wedding Food and Drink Menu

It can be difficult to adhere to the many requests of your wedding guests while remaining within your budget when it comes to planning your wedding food and drink menu. Most couples want to keep it simple, delicious, and affordable. Once you add together the caterers, professional wedding photographers, and entertainment – things can add up very quickly. We created a list of ways to help you save on wedding food and drinks at your wedding.

Bring Your Own Appetizers

Wedding Food Apetizers

While this may sound time consuming, it can actually be quite simple. Choose delicious appetizers that you can make ahead of time, for instance a frozen appetizer that can be heated up prior to serving. Many caterers will charge outrageous inflated prices and you can cut the costs in half by supplying the appetizers yourself. Some aspects of the wedding such as the wedding photography packages shouldn’t be skimped on – but is there really a difference when it comes to the appetizers?

Go Server-less

While your mother might think it will look great having servers walking through the crowds holding trays of finger foods – it does not matter to your guests. They care more about actually having something to eat rather than the presentation of the wedding food.

Limit the Open Bar

Wedding Food and Drink

If your entire reception is four hours in length, consider having the open bar only open for half the time. Many guests enjoy having a drink when they first arrive and are waiting for the festivities to commence. Many will not have a second drink, and many others will actually leave after the dinner has been served. A similar option is to close the bar during dinner, which also allows guests to socialize.

Compare A La Carte and Buffet Packages

Wedding Food Buffet

Just like professional wedding photographers, many catering companies offer comprehensive packages that suit a variety of budgets. While many people believe that buffets are the more expensive option out of the two, the opposite often holds true. It is best to verify with the caterer on all of their package prices, to ensure you are receiving the best deal.

Opt for the Cupcakes

Wedding Food Cupcakes

Instead of spending a fortune on a lavishly large wedding cake, consider buying a tiered cupcake display instead. There are many advantages of serving cupcakes at your wedding, including the reduced cost. These can be up to five times less expensive than a traditional cake, but contain the same delicious ingredients. These are also much easier to eat as a finger food, and can easily be taken home in a small box for guests to enjoy later.

Look no further when searching for a wedding photographer in Pretoria. We will ensure the beauty of your wedding food and drinks shine through in your photos. Remember, this is a once in a lifetime event with our extensive wedding photography packages.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid Dresses That Matches Your Wedding

Bridesmaid Dresses are a Crucial Aspect of any Wedding

A poorly coordinated bridal party will reflect badly on the bride and would draw attention away from her stunning wedding dress. To ensure all bridesmaids are properly dressed, it is necessary to think of their needs and ask appropriate questions. As professional wedding photographers in Pretoria, we know the best tips to ensure any bridal party is polished and pretty.

Bridesmaid Dress

The Unified Element

  • While bridesmaid dresses do not have to be completely matching, there should be something that ties them together. Brides should choose one dress aspect such as color, style, or fabric – that remains consistent with the bridesmaids. This will especially complement the wedding photography.

Match Fabrics

  • The fabric of the bridesmaid dresses should complement the fabric of the bride. It would look especially strange if bridesmaids were wearing soft chiffon while the bride was wearing taffeta shifts. In order to ensure gorgeous wedding photography, this is a must.

Decide on the Lengths

  • Similar to the fabrics, bridesmaids and the bride should have similar dress lengths. While not all dresses have to match completely, one dress with a DIY hemming job will not complement the rest.

Flattering Style

  • It is crucial for brides to understand the different shapes and sizes of their bridesmaids. It is important to choose silhouettes that work well for each body. A David’s Bridal dress specialist said; “While straps and jersey fabric work nicely on petite women, flowy empire waists work well on curves.”


  • No bride should go overboard on altering bridesmaid dresses, however it is important to have each woman feel comfortable in her dress and have it fit properly. It does cost a little extra, but the alternative is having a poorly fitted dress.

Stop and Listen

  • An unhappy bridesmaid is no help to anyone. If a woman does not love or appreciate her dress, remain patient, and work on solving the issue. Troubleshooting a bridesmaid dress problem will ensure a smooth wedding.

Bridesmaids Dresses

There are many common mistakes to avoid when choosing bridesmaid dresses. Brides should ensure they leave ample time to have the dresses altered and never leave anything until the last minute. It’s important to avoid any color clashes, and to ensure all colors will come out nicely in wedding photos. Never choose a dress that is too similar to the bride’s dress, as this will take away her beauty. Match the dresses to the venue, and ensure they complement the atmosphere of the wedding. Lastly, minimize unwanted surprises by looking into hidden costs with your wedding budget.

Look no further when searching for a wedding photographer in Pretoria. We will ensure that the beauty of your bridesmaid dresses will show in your high quality, professional photos. Remember, this is a once in a lifetime event with our extensive wedding photography packages.

Bespoke Wedding

8 Steps Towards a Bespoke Wedding

Bespoke Wedding is the word used to define your Wedding…

…that is custom designed just for you. Your gown being stunning that fits every curve around your body to perfection. A glittery platinum ring that shines upon your finger when turned. Carefully thought out signature cocktails, a pair of just-worn-enough jeans, a hand drawn silhouette. Bespoke would be your sensibility. The idea is to tailor the details of your life into details that will shine and sparkle more, built exclusively just for you.

So, what will make a bespoke wedding? We are not looking at the old and stiff way that’s traditionally applied. What will make your wedding imperfect perfectly? Will your wedding be in a way that you have dreamed about all your life? Let’s look at the recipe.

A bespoke wedding is a unique designed layout that’s just right for you and speaks your language. It would be the perfect selection of flowers that would make you wonder if they are even real. It would be a wedding so genuine and unique that no other wedding would ever be quite as great as your own. Most of all, it will be all in the details. Your wedding details, must be full fund and soul and they should both be exquisite and immensely personal. Add photography that would leave you breathlessly in tears on each and every image. This, my friend, is a bespoke wedding.

I have chosen a wedding that brings out everything to a style-stamped day. I’ll brake down for you the 4 steps towards a bespoke wedding that shows you exactly how simple it is to create a day that is your personality.

Step 1: Determine Your Couple Style

Bianca & Izan (13)The first and most critical step to designing a memorable celebration, is to determine who you are as a couple. Many newly engaged couples forget to pay attention to this one important step. Knowing that you both love curling up in front of the fireplace, or that you come to life when throwing back margaritas at the pool. Your style might be your favorable color such as yellow and dark blue. Your couple style will guide your bespoke wedding to ensuring that every decision you make is around the ideas you love.

For Bianca and Izan, step one might have been easy, both working and living in Centurion. They wanted a wedding that incorporated their homegrown traditions with a rustic elegance that is a well-loved wedding style that suited them best.

Step 2: Determine The Feel of Your Wedding


Bianca & Izan (1)To determine your couple style you will need to figure out how you want your wedding to feel. To use an example such as a rustic wedding, can have different vibes from formal to casual, sophisticated to sweet. Finding the ambiance, will represent you as a couple and will help you with your celebration with a personal touch. Would your day be intimate with your own vows or family-style dining? From the ceremony to the music, from the food to the lighting. All these components can be crafted into the bespoke wedding that you want.

Step 3: Nail Down a Gorgeous Venue

When you are selecting the canvas on which your wedding will be painted, you will need to choose the right venue. Image holding your wedding in a rustic and modern loft. You might feel that your recipe will become more challenging. Look around for a venue that would sparkle you wedding style and would make your bespoke wedding details much easier than before. Bianca and Izan chose a venue that enriched their rustic look perfectly.

Step 4: Source Inspiration

Now it’s time to find those details. Find inspiration from magazines, or the Web to uncover images reflecting your ideas and would turn your canvas into something special. Staying organized and learning to edit yourself along the way is the key to making your inspirational ideas work for you. These are the first four steps that’s critical in the foundation of your bespoke wedding.

Step 5: Set Your Color Palette

Bianca & Izan (3)Step 1 – 4 are about finding and keeping your inspiration. Now it’s time to layer on the color. Often, the color is the first thing couples jump into choosing for their wedding day, long before they should. Key color become way too important to couples in the initial planning stage and is a result of incompatible hues. You will need to carefully select the color palette of your wedding just like any other choice you make. The colors should be a suitable spectrum that brings depth and dimension to your style. They should be colors that both you and your hubby love.

Step 6: Choose Your Flowers

Bianca & Izan (12)Choosing the right flowers can be one of the most difficult parts in planning. There are some many different colors and options to choose from. There are off-season and in-season prices that influence the sheer volume you are considering. Knowledge is power, whether you hit the books or work with a florist. Understanding what is available to you within your budget, knowing the colors and textures, weeding out what you don’t want would all help you make an informed decision.

Step 7: Infuse Your Style With Whimsy

A little piece of fun in your bespoke wedding will leave an long lasting impression with your guests. The smile you bring to their faces is what will prompt the memories and make your gusts talk about your wedding for years and years to come.

Step 8: Personalize the Day

Personally personalize the day. When you throw a piece of you personality into your wedding, it will mean many things for many people. To some, it would be something very simple such as your vows and to others it would be ditching the old traditions and coming up with brand new ones. As your planning continues, the results would always be significant to you and your one and only. Inspiration is everywhere, find it, love it, then make it your own.Bianca & Izan (67)

Make The Most Of Your Wedding Photography Album

Pick The Perfect Venue For Your Wedding Photography Album

When you are ready to make a location decision, pick a town or city that has lots of beautiful venues that can cater for creativity in your wedding photography album and session. Your location would be vital and picking a classic location such as, modern or contemporary architecture, nature such as open fields, beautiful gardens, rivers or lakes and even historical architecture that has a rustic look to it.

Your timing is everything and choosing to stay away from mid-day photo shoots would be wise. As experienced wedding photographers, we established that the best time for photographs would be around 2 hours before sunset or just after sunrise. Mother nature provides unique lighting during these times and it would make your images look at their best.

Brides! Fall In Love With Your Hair and Make-Up

Feeling relaxed and comfortable in your wedding photos is important and you need to pick a style that flatters you by starting with your hair and makeup. Your confidence will show in your wedding photography album and it will create stunning results.

Using a professional stylist to style your hair and makeup would also be recommended. There are many professional stylists and it should not be any trouble finding one in your venue area. Stylists nowadays, offer makeup and bridal hair services in one package.

Strive For Comfort When Picking Out the Bridal Gown

Being comfortable in your wedding gown is just as important as your style. You must remember that you will be moving around all day, so your comfort should be considered as well. If you have a dress that hugs your body in uncomfortable ways, it will show in your wedding photography album.

Make Use of Props

We have been photographing weddings that uses props during a photo shoot and I must say that it was a lot of FUN. You and your partner can do a lot during your shoot with props and it will make your images feel less scripted. Keep your props simple and yet fun. You can use something personal, such as a gift like a teddy bear or helium balloons. You can even use an open frame.

Be Aware of Your Best Angles at All Times During the Shoot

This is mostly the job of the wedding photographer. But it definitely also helps if you know which side composes your best angle. Your best angle must be captured in every wedding photography album.

wedding shoot

Preparing Before The Wedding Shoot By Wedding Photographers

Location, Location, Location Then Wedding Shoot

Before your photographer can even begin your wedding shoot, they will need to consider the location. They will need to visit the venue first to scout out the spots from where photos will be taken. They will need to familiarize themselves with the wedding and reception venue both inside and out, just to be on the safe side.

Because wedding photography is very challenging, even if you’ve attended some of the more popular venues as a wedding guest, it is highly doubtful that you will recall what they were like even to the smallest details. Here is something a photographer would consider: the light, space and various wedding shoot points. This is the preparation stage that is most important and very often overlooked by many wedding photographers.

On the day of the wedding shoot other fundamentals come into play such as the good old unpredictable weather, your photographer should follow the weather forecast and decide what type of wedding shoot it will be, overcast or sunny! They might re-visit the venue during the time of the day to get more relaxed on the day of the wedding. This gets them familiar with the light conditions inside and outside the venue. Better still, plan to visit the wedding venue a month, a week and a day before the wedding date with your wedding photographers. This allows yourself and the photographer to get familiar with the sun’s positioning and the light patterns of the sun’s rays and shadows.

Take your time so as to try and figure out the best times to take the pictures and what different spots would make the best possible backdrops to achieve the best wedding images for you.

When first visiting the wedding venue, your photographer will take their camera with them on the location visits to make sure they move about to explore and take some test shots. Try and envisage the space you will be in, scout for unique wedding shoot positions and ask the priest where you and the photographer can and can’t go in the church and most importantly, ask them if they permit flash photography? Provide a ceremony pamphlet to your wedding photographers so that they can know the order of the ceremony, this is a great reference and can guide your shooting positions as the service is on.

True Photos wants to be prepared and gather as much information and knowledge as possible beforehand so that they can take a memorable wedding shoot for you.