Digital Camera Care, Maintenance And Cleaning

If you have invested a lot of money into your digital camera, you will want to protect and look after it. We will be discussing a few points on how you can protect your camera and maintain its performance. A digital camera is a piece of equipment has precision tasks that contain many delicate elements, in particular the lens, optic, sensor and electrical circuitry. Each of these elements can be damaged very easily if you do not take care of your digital camera.

Camera BagsCamera Bags

The simplest way to protect you digital camera is to make use of a camera bag that serves as a protector for your camera. You can get a bag that is waterproof in case it gets wet and must have decent cushioning. If the bag has an opening that fastens twice, like a zipper for example would be a great benefit. Ensure that you have enough room for extra gear such as lenses and memory cards. Water, dirt and sand are a digital camera’s biggest enemies. When you go to the beach or the wild with your camera, ensure that you use a waterproof house that would protect it against these elements.

Inserting Connection Leads

Never force a connection lead into your camera sockets if it does not fit 100%. You will be supplied with leads made specifically for connecting to a television or personal computer. If you damage a socket, it would cost an extensive amount of money to repair them.

Camera Cleaning KitCleaning kits

It is not hard to clean a digital camera. Simply wipe them down with lint free cloth and never use water or solvents. If you bought a D-SLR camera and you can see dust on the charge-coupled device sensor, never ever clean this on your own. The charge-coupled device is very fragile and despite that you can purchase cleaners, if you touch the sensor, it might likely break. Get your charge-coupled device cleaned by a serving agent certified for your make of camera. If the sensor breaks it is going to cut a huge chunk in your budget to repair. There are other cleaning kits that you can choose to clean your camera.

Storage and Memory Card CareStorage and Memory Card Care

If for any reason you are not going to make use of your camera soon, store it in your camera bag with silica gel in the bag. Silica gels are small packs that contain gel absorbing moisture. Also remove the batteries from your digital camera to void the risk of corroding. Memory cards are not affected by X-Ray machines in an airport, but…

● They are affected by magnetic fields. Keep them away from television screens and speakers.
● Keep your cards away from direct sunlight and ensure they are cool and dry.
● Keep them away from dust as this can block the electrical parts communicating with your digital camera.
● Always keep them safe in memory card protective cases.

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