Starting To Use Your Digital Camera

Starting To Use Your Digital Camera

A digital camera can be used in the same way as an old traditional film camera, but can also do much more than you think. I have prepared a list of the basic operations on a camera to get you started. D-SLR cameras have many functions and settings that can be adjusted to take awesome images for any type of scene. You only need to learn how to adjust your camera settings to take photos like a professional. Achieve this and you can start your professional photography business. Become a Pro by learning the basics first and then continue to more advanced settings.

Inserting The BatteriesInserting The Batteries

The first thing you need to do before using your camera is to insert the camera batteries. More than 60% of cameras have special designed battery packs that can be charged with a charger. Charging the batteries can take a few hours. But you need to ensure that they are fully charged before you use them. Some cameras use multiple power sources, such as AA batteries and a battery pack. Once you have charged the camera batteries, insert them into your camera and use the on/off switch to start using it.

Inserting Memory CardsInserting Memory Cards

There is only one way that you can insert a memory card into your camera. You find special memory card slots on your camera for them. Make sure that you read your manual on how to insert your memory card and make use of the sample images that can be located on the camera. Once you have inserted your memory card into your digital camera, you would be ready to shoot different scenes for your photography business.

Shooting ControlsShooting Controls

The “mode” dials and shutter button is the actual controls that allow you to take a photo. The former button would be the most important function on your camera as it will first focus the picture and then fire the shutter taking the image. The latter is used to set different shooting options and to play between different pictures that you took. It also sets different modes to shoot with.

Using Scene ModesUsing Scene Modes

When you select a scene mode, your camera will be set automatically for specific shooting situations that are indicated by small icons or pictures on the mode dial. Depending on your camera the icons can be displayed in the on-screen menus or both. You can expect to find modes such as, landscape, portrait, sports, still and night settings. Some digital cameras have many more than that. When you selected a mode option that you would like to use, your camera will do almost all the work for you on that type of scene.

Using MenusUsing Menus

When using menus that appear on your camera screen might be confusing at first, but you will find a step-by-step manual that will help you set your camera up. It can be different types of settings such as setting the date or choosing your camera resolution type or adjusting the brightness of the camera screen. Work through your manual slowly to set up your camera the way you want it to function on a personal level.

Built-In FlashBuilt-In Flash

The built-in flash will allow you to add extra light to a scene that is too dark to take a photo of. To use the flash, it can be automatically/manually set for a particular shot. In addition you can use the flash to fill shadows and it will help to prevent unwanted silhouettes if a background is dark.

Video and Audio Functions

Most cameras have an option to capture a video with audio included. They do vary from low-resolution movies for the use on the Internet while many other cameras can shoot in high-definition. Using the video mode, will allow you to shoot clips from a few minutes or until you have used up all the memory on your memory card. Capturing audio can be used to add comments to your photos.

Connecting To A Personal Computer Or TelevisionConnecting To A Personal Computer Or Television

When buying a digital camera, you will also receive connection cables required to connect to a television or personal computer. When you connect to a television, you will be able to view your images and videos taken on the screen directly. When you connect to a personal computer, you will be able to download your images and videos from you camera and burn a CD or edit them as you need to.


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